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Alpha Summary of Common MIL SPEC Materials

Packaging and Packing Materials Covered by Military and Federal Specifications  
Military Specifications
Current as of 12/1/2013
 Superceded by
Adhesive: Water Resistant for Waterproof Barrier Material MIL-A-140 MMM-A-260
Barrier Materials, Greaseproof, Waterproof, Flexible, Heat-Sealable MIL-B-121 MIL-PRF-121G
Barrier Materials, Watervaporproof, greaseproof, heat-sealable, flexible MIL-B-131 MIL-PRF-131K
Boxes, Shipping, Reusable with Cushioning Fast Packs, Cases PPP-B-1672 PPP-B-1672E
Boxes, Wood-Cleated, Skidded, Load-Bearing Base MIL-B-26195 ASTM D6256
Boxes, Wood, Cleated-Plywood PPP-B-601 ASTM D6251
Boxes, Wood, Nailed and Lock-Corner PPP-B-621 ASTM D6880
Breather Valve, Drums and Containers MIL-DTL-27166 Active
Bubble Bags, short cycle A-A-549E Cancelled 1999
Bubble Wrap, Nylon PPP-C-795D Class 1 Active
Carton: Egg UU-C-225 A-A-689
Clipboard: Plain UU-C-282 A-A-1507
Crates, Wood: Lumber and Plywood Sheathed, Nailed and Bolted Mil-C-104 ASTM-D7478
Crates: Wood, Open & Covered, Domestic, Overseas PPP-C-650, PPP-B-601H  ASTM D6251
Cushioned,Pouches, Flexible, Electrostatic-Protective, Transparent Mil-P-81997 Mil-DTL-81997D
Cushioning Material, Expanded Polystyrene Loose-Fill Bulk PPP-C-1683 Cancelled
Cushioning Material: Bound MIL-C-7769 PPP-C-1120
Cushioning Material: Cellulosic PPP-C-843 A-A-1898
Cushioning Material: Polystyrene, Expanded Resilient (for Packaging Uses). PPP-C-850 Inactive
Cushioning: Air Bubble PPP-C-795 Active
Cushioning: Cushioning Materials, Transparent, Flexible, Cellular, Plastic Film, for Packaging Applications BUBBLE PPP-B-795 PPP-C-795
Cushioning: Rubberized Hair PPP-C-1120D Active
Envelopes: Packing List, Water-Resistant PPP-E-540 A_A-1659
Excelsior: Wood, Fabricated Pads and Bulk Form PPP-E-911 Cancelled
Fast Packs: Corrugated & Foam & Bubble PPP-B-1672E Active
Fiberboard: Corrugated, Wax Resin Impregnated. PPP-B-1163 Canceled
Film: Transparent, Flexible, Heat Sealable MIL-F-22191 Mil-PRF-22191
Film: Transparent, Flexible, Sealable, VCI Treated MIL-F-22019 Mil-PRF-22191
Foam Cushioning Sheets and Planks PPP-C-1752 A-A-59135
Foam Rolls (polyethylene foam) A-A-59135 Active
Humidity Indicator: Chemically Impregnated Card Type MIL-I-8835 Active
Humidity Indicator: Plugs for Drums and Bags. MIL-I-8835 Active
Inhibitors: Anti-Corrosion, Volatile, Crystalline. MIL-F-22110 Active
Labels and Label Tape: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Water Resistant MIL-L-19896 Mil-F-16377
Labels: Gummed Paper. UU-L-49 Canceled
Labels: Paper, Pressure-Sensitive, Adhesive, Water-Resistant. UU-L-1644 A-A-2832
Lens Tissue NNN-P-40 Lens Tissue A-A-50177
Molded Polystyrene: MIL-P-19644 Active
Pads: Macerated Paper PPP-P-115 Canceled
Pallet Box, Fiberboard, Expandable; For Air Shipment. Covers two classes of KD pallet boxes MIL-P-26342 Canceled
Pallets, 2 Way annd 4 Way NN-P-71 Active
Pallets, Material Handling, Wood Post Construction, 4-Way Entry Mil-DTL-15011 Active
Paper, Wrapping, Laminated and Creped MIL-P-130 Inactive
Paper: Building, Waterproof. UU-B-790 Active
Paper: General Specifications and Methods Items of Testing. Most are the same as the Tappi and ASTM Standards. UU-P-31 Cancelled
Paper: Kraft Untreated Wrapping. UU-P-268 A-A-203 and A-A-1894
Paper: Wrapping, Freezer (Polyethylene Coated). UU-P-272 A-A-1245
Paper: Wrapping, Waterproofed Kraft. PPP-B-1055 Active
Paper: Wrapping, Waterproofed Kraft. UU-P-271 PPP-B-1055 Inactive
Paper: Wrapping, Waxed (dry). UU-P-270 A-A-894
Paper: Wrapping, Wet-Waxed. UU-P-134 A-A-319
Paperboard, Wrapping and Cushioning, Singleface Corrugated PPP-P-291 A-A-1051
Plastic Film: Copolymer of Vinyl and Vinylidene Chloride. L-P-370 A-A-1742
Plastic Film: Flexible, Vinyl Chloride. L-P-375 ASTM-D1593
Plastic Sheet, Polyolefin A-A-3174 Active
Plastic Sheet: Polyester-Strip. L-P-377 Active
Plastic Sheets: Barrier Materials Polypropylene, Plastic Sheet, Thin gauge, Polyolefin. L-P-378 A-A-3174
Pouches: Cushioning, Flexible, Electrostatic Free, Reclosable, Transparent. MIL-P-81997 Mil-DTL-81997
Preservation: Methods of... MIL-P-116 Mil-STD-2073
Pressure Sensitive Tape: Filament-Reinforced<./TD> PPP-T-97 ASTM D5330
Pressure Sensitive Tape: Paper, Water Resistant. PPP-T-60 ASTM D5486
Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tape: (Vinyl Plastic Film) PPP-T-66 A-A-1689
Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Tape: Paper, Water-Resistant. PPP-T-76 ASTM D5486
Protector: Packing List. PPP-P-700 A-A-1907
Tape Pressure Sensitive: Acetate Fiber. L-T-99 Active
Tape Pressure Sensitive: Adhesive Cellophane and Cellulose Acetate. L-T-90 A-A-113
Tape Pressure-Sensitive: Ammunition Container Sealing. MIL-T-43036 Active
Tape: Gummed Sealing. UU-T-111 A-A-1492, A-A-1671
Tape: Gummed, Paper Reinforced. PPP-T-45 A-A-1492, A-A-1671
Tape: Paper, Reinforced UU-T-45 A-A-1492, A-A-1671
Tape: Pressure-Sensitive (Packaging cut styles of boxes are covered by this Grade Vinyl Plastic Film). PPP-T-70 A-A-1684
Tape: Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive (General Packaging Application). PPP-T-42 A-A-883
Tubes: Mailing and Filing. PPP-T-495 Active
Vermiculite: Absorbent Loose Fill. MIL-V-15196 HH-I-585
Wrapping Paper: Chemically Neutral. MIL-P-17667 Mil-DTL-17667
Wrapping Paper: Laminated and Creped Non-Corrosive Greaseproof Material. MIL-P-130 Current
Wrapping Paper: Wrapping tissue UU-P-553 A_A_1249
Commercial Packaging of Supplies and Equipment MIL-STD-1188 ASTM D3951
Intermediate and Exterior Containers: Standard Size Unit, for Modular Packaging and Unitization of the 40" by 48" pallet. MIL-STD-1187 MIL-STD-147
Marking for Shipment and Storage: To avoid confusion in warehouses and in transit, standard nomenclature. MIL-STD-129 Active
Military Standard, Cushioning: Anchoring, Bracing, Blocking and Waterproofing MIL-STD-1186 Canceled
Packaging Requirements Codes: Establishes and defines a system for coding MIL-STD-726 MIL-STD-2073
Packaging: Preservation, Packaging, and 48 Packing Materials, Test Procedures. This covers the physical and chemical testing methods for determining the ability for preservation, packaging and packing to protect items during shipment and storage. FED-STD-101 Active
Packing: Preservation, Packaging and Packing Levels. Guidelines are given to determining protection FED-STD-102 MIL-STD-2073
Palletized Unit Loads: Describes and Illustrates the practices and procedures MIL-STD-147 Active
Parts and Equipment, Procedures for Packaging and Packing of: Procedures required to select packaging MIL-STD-794 MIL-STD-2073
Shipments: Marking for Domestic shipments (Civilian Agencies). FED-STD. 123 Active
Test Procedures for Packaging Materials and Containers Mil-STD-3010 Active



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